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2013 Backspace Writers Conference




Articles for Writers – Table of Contents:


10 Commandments for a Happy Writer by Nathan Bransford

10 Rules for Writing About Cops by Joe McKinney

“E” Stands for Errors by Karen Dionne

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Published by Jeff Kleinman

Why Prologues Often Don’t Work by Kristin Nelson

The Elements of Awe, Part II by Donald Maass

The Elements of Awe by Donald Maass

Too Many Cooks – How Do You Handle Conflicting Critiques? by Mary Lindsey

Ten Tips for Resilience by Mary Kennedy

The Writer’s Middle Finger (How to grow it, groom it, love it, and stretch it) by A.S. King

The 3 C’s of Writing The First Page of Your Novel by Katia Lief

Finding Drama Amid all the White Noise by Doug Wright

The Dreaded Synopsis by Jessica Faust

Writer’s Digest Interview with Backspace Co-founders Christopher Graham and Karen Dionne

The Successful Novelist by David Morrell

Literary Speed Dating: How Not to Find an Agent for Your Book by Karen Dionne


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